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Welcome to Black Gun Owners Magazine


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Mission Statement


We work to increase the ownership, training, and usage of firearms in the black community. Black Gun Owners Magazine provides a platform for  quality black firearms instructors to teach the community.  

At Black Gun Owners Magazine, we operate using these six principles 

  1. Black Love: Love of self, love of family, love of community, love of nation. 

  2. Black Unity: Individual groups united for the betterment of the collective. 

  3. Black Protection: We must train to protect ourselves and our community. 

  4. Black Enterprise: Build, improve, and support black ranges, gun stores, and firearms Instructors. 

  5. Black Community Policing: Policing, securing, and defending our communities  

  6. Black Power: Commitment to the daily application of the 5 foundational principles. 

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About Us

Our Story

Black Gun Owners Magazine was founded in August, 2020 as a platform to promote proper firearms usage and self-defense training throughout the African American community. Black Gun Owners Magazine is veteran owned and operated. We exist to highlight the quality black firearms instructors, Firearms dealers, and all other black firearms based businesses. 


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Where we're located?

Black Gun Owners Magazine is 100% Virtual but we are based in Greenville, SC

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