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We're proud to support black owned businesses!


Personal Defense Gear

OGUN GEAR RIFLE BAG. The creation of this bag is special, this is the product that started OGUN GEAR, we were born out of a need for the black community.


Licensed Firearms Dealer

Redstone Firearms is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer located in Southern California with US shipping available.


Personal Protection Tools

TIEMONEX Personal Defense Solutions. A black, woman, and veteran owned and operated business offering defense items such as concealed carry holsters, defense strategies, and firearms instruction.


Fitness Instruction

The best in virtual fitness instruction. Get a customized meal plan from certified chef or a customized workout plan from a Certified Master Trainer/Classic-Physique Competitor.



A7 Defense & Aerospace designs and manufactures products and solutions that provide better protection and or assist in enhancing performance for the most challenging conditions and environments.


Fitness - Firearms Instruction - Security

Who do you get when you combine world class firearms training and superior get Body by "O" Tactical, Akofena Academy, and the Tactical Social Worker!


Ammo & Home Defense

Emerge Tactical Solutions is a premier home and personal defense company specializing in tools and resources to keep you, your loved ones, and business protected.


Creative Synergy

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